Strategy and Development Consulting is part of CPM International. While carrying out a number of the back-office operations of CPM International, it is also responsible for the implementation of projects in Kosovo as a country office.

S&D is the first Kosovar consultancy owned by an international company and is a high-quality alternative for tailor-made development consulting services in Kosovo.

Our in-house staff of international consultants and project managers has extensive experience with Kosovar institutions and its development partners. Under the supervision of our parent company CPM International, we make use of internationally tested and highly specialised consultants and other resources through which we are able to provide excellent development services and technical expertise.

CPM International’s experience and knowledge of institutions and stakeholders in Kosovo combined with a team of professionals in Kosovo and the Baltics make us the first Kosovar consulting company that lives up to the highest international professional standards and applies the latest approaches to development services.


Strategy & Development Consulting becomes part of CPM International

Strategy & Development Consulting becomes part of CPM International

On April 25th 2018, S&D Consulting became part of the CPM International family. The Estonia-based company has taken over 100% ownership of S&D as part of their expansion strategy. After years of close cooperation, which included among others the successful implementation of the NDS project in Kosovo, CPM has now taken the step to fully integrate S&D into their company structure, both legally and operationally. S&D will function as the CPM country office in Kosovo and support the CPM operations worldwide with back-office operations. The S&D Consulting staff is excited to enter the new chapter, as its internal structures will remain intact with Donika Kepuska serving now also as the CPM International country director.

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April 27, 2018

S&D Consulting supports the EU Office in Kosovo information and communication activities

S&D Consulting supports the EU Office in Kosovo information and communication activities

Since October 2017, S&D Consulting is implementing the EU Office Information and Communication Services project. The objective is to inform the wider public on the EU in Kosovo efforts to facilitate Kosovo’s European perspective and promote closer ties with the EU. Over the two years, our expert team will support the EU Office to inform different target groups of Kosovo society about the EU, its policies and programmes and their impact on citizens’ everyday life, as well as to increase frequency and quality of media coverage and public debate on EU related issue. Day-to-day services provided through this project entail logistical support to organising events, providing photo coverage of activities, audio-visual production, website and social media content and maintenance, translation and interpretation services, production of visibility materials and media monitoring.

December 12, 2017

S&D Consulting continues its work in the field of property rights

S&D Consulting continues its work in the field of property rights

As of this month, S&D Consulting will continue to provide its expertise to the USAID-funded Property Rights Program implemented by Tetra Tech in Kosovo. During the first phase, S&D Consulting developed five in-depth concept notes addressing key pillars identified by the project, as well as conducted a review of the existing legal framework related to property rights in Kosovo. Having successfully concluded this part of the project, at this phase, S&D Consulting will assist the project in developing a comprehensive Action Plan for the implementation of the proposed policy measures of the Strategy on Property Rights in Kosovo, including costing and effective monitoring and evaluation tools.

August 10, 2016

Policy and Strategic Planning

We assist institutions in operational planning, analytic assessments of public policies and implementing best practices in governance.

Our team comprises of experienced local and international consultants committed to meet the growing demand for efficient public services. We conduct analytic assessments of government expenditures and offer proven solutions to such problems. Our activities include drafting and implementation of governmental and public policy; managing people and resources; in general we act as stewards for the public interest.

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Governance and Public Administration Reform

We advise our partners in operational planning, analytic assessments of public policies and implementing best practices in governance.

The main focus of all our activities and network of international consulting partners as well as our in-house specialization is connected to the EU conform reform agenda for the public administration. Improving all aspects of good governance in accordance with the EU acquis within our institutions is what we do best. With a track record of projects that address all the different aspects of this crucial matter for Kosovo’s development, we feel confident to call ourselves the number one address in Kosovo on this topic.

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Economic Development

We are supporting institutions in optimizing their contribution to the economic development process

S&D provides expertise in guiding public institutions through the process of creating effective economic development strategies. Our support ranges from the identification of the main constraint to growth to the formulation of tailor-made strategies to address them and finally the timely implementation of necessary reform and assistance processes.

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