S&D Consulting assists Ministry of Justice in the preparation of the national strategy on property rights for Kosovo

S&D has been offering its expertise to the USAID-funded Property Rights Program (PRP) implemented by Tetra Tech in Kosovo, in laying the ground for the development of Kosovo’s national strategy on property rights. As part of the project which aims to improve the property rights regime in Kosovo, S&D Consulting has developed five in-depth concept notes each covering a separate pillar identified by the project. During the analysis, S&D Consulting conducted a review of the existing legal framework related to property rights in Kosovo, extensively consulting key relevant stakeholders. In order for our work to yield best results, we ensured a comprehensive and participatory process of developing the concept notes. Thematic Working Groups (TWGs), consisting of key stakeholders, were set up for each pillar. In addition, a consensual decision-making mechanism of the working group level was introduced into the process – the Core Technical Group (CTG) – made up of representatives of all thematic working groups. The concept notes are expected to be sent to be submitted by the implementer to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for final approval.

The overall objective of the project was to move Kosovo’s society toward peace and reconciliation, democracy and the rule of law, and to promote market-based economic development by recognizing, enforcing, protecting and respecting property rights and property-related human rights, consistent with the EU’s acquis communautaire and applicable international human rights standards. The concept notes developed by S&D lay the ground for Kosovo to develop its national strategy on property rights as part of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) signed between the European Union and Kosovo in late 2015.