S&D Consulting presents findings of the market assessment of the Construction Sector in Kosovo

S&D Consulting presents findings of the market assessment of the Construction Sector in Kosovo

On January 27, in front of key stakeholders of the construction sector, S&D Consulting presented findings of the report related to the construction sector in Kosovo and its potential as an employer of Kosovo’s youth. The “Market assessment of the construction sector: employment prospects for youth” report has found that with a share of 9,5 percent in 2014 the construction sector remained the fourth biggest employer in Kosovo. The report highlighted the need for improved institutional practices which would provide the ground for the sector to grow further in the future.

This study was conducted during the months of April and May 2015, and consisted of focus groups and surveys with relevant stakeholders of the construction sector, including representatives of construction companies, the association, architects, and relevant policy-makers and local institutions. The assessment provides a clear picture of the current situation of the construction sector, its growth potential, as well as challenges which the sector faces. As the report shows, the construction sector will reach its full potential primarily through development of vocational skills and better linkages between skill providers and businesses.

The assessment was prepared by S&D Consulting, commissioned by the Enhancing Youth Employment (EYE) program financed by the Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO) and implemented by the consortium of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and MDA.

January 27, 2016

S&D Consulting visits business hubs in Berlin, Germany

S&D Consulting visits business hubs in Berlin, Germany

This week, an S&D Consulting representative together with the Director of Economic Development of the Municipality of Prishtina and representatives of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and the Enhancing Youth Employment (EYE) project have visited business hubs and co-working spaces in Berlin, Germany. The purpose of the study tour was to see the existing models and best practices of business hubs and co-working spaces in one of the most vibrant and start-up friendly cities in Europe, with the aim to introduce a similar, but tailored business hub in Prishtina.

The study tour to Berlin was part of the overall assistance we provided for the Municipality of Prishtina in designing the business model for the city’s business hub by conducting in-depth research and analysis as well as high quality focus groups.

This hub will mainly serve local businesses in order to boost the growth capacity of the service sector and provide more employment opportunities for young women and men in the capital. The hub is expected to be established during this year, and will be located at the premises of Prishtina Institute for Political Studies (PIPS).

January 20, 2016

We have moved into new offices!

We have moved into new offices!

Those who have done business with us can attest to the fact that we take any conceivable measure to tackle all our clients’ concerns and ideas from the very first moment we are introduced to them. While we take pride in providing premium long-term solutions that survive the test of time, we believe in growth which ensures that our clients and partners always receive premium development consulting services in line with EU and international professional standards.

As of this week, we have moved into our new offices. Over the last months, we have been expanding, both in terms of new experts joining our team and regarding our ambitions to continue serving top-notch consulting services. Striving to build a working environment where both our team and our clients feel at home, S&D has partnered with Maden Group, an architecture firm based in Prishtina, Kosovo, which has done an extraordinary job in capturing the essence of our work – an open house, where our experts work hand-in-hand with their clients to offer tailored development consulting services.

Home to some of the key up and coming Kosovar service-based companies, the 4th floor of the brand new six-floor building in the Zenel Salihu Str. 28 is our new hub.

We look forward to having you over!

January 15, 2015